The Spanish Global Compact Network has launched a new website to approach the new Agenda Post2015 to private sector and generate interaction about sustainable development.

Isabel Garro, General Manager in the Spanish Global Compact Network, has proclaimed that «the present moestrenamos webment of renewing the social responsibility means that this is the right time to adapt our communications to the needs of entities and to improve the communications of our initiative in Spain «.

The portal will give relevance to the contents related to sustainable development and will favor interaction with the signatories and the general public through a new format of news and spaces.

«It is an opening exercise, all the contents are open for any user to comment, the non-sequential navigation and especially the interaction have been estimulated,» says Garro. «We have opened the access to many of our tools and trainings, and we will make an effort to explain the new Post2015 Development seeking our signatories´ participation”.

According to Garro, «we want the website will be a tool for action in sustainability, with useful applications, such as online management system for transparency in the SME”. Local  and international events will be easy to consult, to promote participation, all with a complete new design of the home.

From a technical standpoint, the web offers a Rresponsive design to provide an optimal viewing experience in a wide range of devices.

During the first few weeks users can submit their suggestions for improvements and comments to  They will be incorporated as far as possible to achieve the goal of a participatory platform.