• Spanish companies are in a good position to lead the transformation of Development Agenda Post2015
  • Spain has strengths in energy and water, information technology, infrastructure and ISR.
mapeo post2015

mapeo post2015

These are the main findings of an analysis to identify the role of the business community within the priorities of Sustainable Development Agenda Post2015, which will be finally determined in September, when the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will be presented.

After months of study, the Spanish private sector has identified its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to overcome or enhance the historical challenge of contributing to sustainable development worldwide, as presented by the United Nations.

Isabel Garro, managing director of the Spanish Local Network, acknowledged that «the Post2015 architecture in our country is settled down on a solid foundation of work and good practices, placing Spain in a privileged position to lead transformer movement of Development Agenda proposed for the next fifteen years».

Weaknesses and strengths

Good practices that have gone through the relevance of information technology, design and construction of infrastructures, water management and energy, microfinance, socially responsible investment or responsible entrepreneurship. Spanish companies also stand out in compliance with standards and accountability, and have a good participation in platforms for action.

According to Garro, however, «There are many challenges ahead for our country.» These include «the economic transformations that allow job creation, especially youth employment, inclusive growth, transparency and responsible consumption».