In a working meeting, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recognized that the private sector is needed to achieve «the world we want». The UN Secretary-General called for special measures to preserve climate and mitigate the effects of the refugee crisis.

The Global Compact Network Spain organized a meeting between several key companies in Spain, the Local Network executive committee and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon  to present the development agenda to the private sector and inspire them to action. Within the new framework, the private sector «has a fundamental role to play in the success of each global goal» the Secretary-General said to more than thirty business leaders who are willing to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “In today’s interconnected world, more and more companies understand that a safer, more prosperous and sustainable world is synonymous with stronger business and thriving markets.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon conveyed a strong desire for these economic leaders to be sustainable development leaders too and he stressed two key issues: environmental conservation and the refugee crisis. In regards to climate action, the Secretary-General commented, “The Climate Change Conference in Paris this December is a test of our ability to make progress on an issue that underpins so many SDGs. We need more leaders to stand up for a greener future through the UN Caring for Climate initiative”.

Regarding the refugee crisis, he encouraged attendees to: “Consider putting your business to work for the common good through hiring, through your supply chains, through technology and lending and through philanthropic support.”

Attendees: Abengoa (José Domínguez Abascal), Acciona (José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq), Agbar (Narciso Berberana), Caixabank (Gonzalo Gortazár), CEOE (Ana Plaza), Coato (José Luis Hernández Costa), Cofides, S.A (Salvador Marín Hernández), Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, S.L.P. (Jorge Badia), EADA (Miquel Espinosa), Enagas (Antonio Llardén Carratalá), Endesa (José Damián Bogas Galvez), Esade (Javier Solana), Ferrovial (Rafael del Pino), Fund. Rafael del Pino (María del Pino),BBVA (José Manuel González-Páramo), Iberdrola (Francisco Martínez Córcoles), ICO (Irene Garrido), IE (Santiago Iñiguez), Javierre (Antonio Javierre), MAEC (Ignacio Ybañez), Mahou San Miguel (Eduardo Petrossi), Mapfre, S.A (Esteban Tejera), OIT (Joaquín Nieto), Red Española