GC LN Spain has realized about the importance to keep and attract large companies as partners for two reasons:

  • Increase their sense of belonging to GC and encourage them to participate actively
  • Encourage new companies to join us as partners

With this, we want to lead ourselves as agents of change and bring current issues exclusively to our partners, from different perspectives and using new formats as well.

The Espacio Sostenible+ project has been created to offer large partner companies a new range of inspirational activities and innovative collaborations, creating more favorable spaces for business networking.

Espacio Sostenible+ is the spot where CSR professionals from large partner enterprises of Spanish GC Network can:

  • share new experiences that allow them to continue creating value
  • provide greater visibility to their sustainable actions
  • intensify the connection and collaboration between companies with common goals
  • know latest market trends

Several actions will be scheduled since September 2015, as a result of alliances with key players. This agenda has been created to provide something new and interesting in any of the fields, economic, social, cultural or business.