The number of associated entities with the Global Compact Network Spain has increased from 403 to 439 in 2015. This evolution supposes a growth of 8,6%, so that the positive upward trend continues along last four years.

The association of big companies has been a specific feature of recent months. These are now the 30% of the composition of the association, with notable additions, such as Duro Felguera and Tecnicas Reunidas, both Ibex35 companies.

Mentoring partners (members which specially promote the engagement with Global Compact) has increased too in Spain. In 2015 these organizations have roled as mentors of the initiative and have broadcasted the Ten Principles, getting new members. They are: Mahou San Miguel, Col.legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Catalunya, Informa D&B, Axaria Europe, S.L., EAE Business School, Fundación Europea para el Estudio y Reflexión Ética (FUNDERÉTICA) y K-Plan & Riquel Strategy S.L.

Besides, the number of signatories has been manteined in 2.634.

Isabel Garro, Spanish Network General Maganer  has said about it: “Companies have understood their relevant role these days, when ONU launches a new development agenda and calls them to be starring the SDGs. Our members support our work and see us as the perfect partner to assimilate their CSR strategy to SDGs”.