Spanish Local Network and UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) have signed and presented a project to engage tourism companies in sustainable initiatives related to SDGs. The project´s name is “Sustainable tourism: everybody´s commitment”. It includes the support of the Ethic Tourism Code of the UNWTO and the Ten Principles.

The first companies which are taking part are: EAE – Ostelea, Europa Mundo Vacaciones, Formagrupo, Fuerte Hoteles, Iberia, Ilunion Hotels (Grupo Ilunion), Minube, NH Hotel Group, Port Aventura, Renfe, Segittur, Taranna Viajes y Viajes el Corte Inglés.

Achieving a responsible and sustainable tourism is not possible without the commitment and effort of the private sector, which should be reflected at all levels: from the highest level to each of its employees, suppliers and tourists themselves «, has explained Taleb Rifai, general secretary of UNWTO.

This partnership between UNWTO and Global Compact Spain is key to achieve the commitment of the sectorial business. Working with multistakeholder partnerships is the way to achieve the new SDGs and to get a responsible and sustainable tourism”, Isabel Garro has highlighted.

This project aims to advance corporate social responsibility in the Spanish tourism sector and to facilitate sector entities its commitment to ethical principles for sustainable development. In addition, the working group is going to develop a best practices publication which will be presented next June.

Since Global Compact Spain presented last Autumn the national priorities for new agenda, most of companies have request sectorial approach. That’s why Spanish Network relies on this project to be the best way to lead business in the SDGs achievement.

Photo: Workgroup members. In the center. Isabel Garro, general manager of Spanish Network, and Taleb Rifai, general secretary of UNWTO.