Angel Pes, Spanish Network deputy chair and CSR manager of CaixaBank, has been reelected president of the Spanish Global Compact Local Network for the second time at the 12th General Assembly. Pes renewed his mandate after his first four years as President. Years which have been marked by a high growth of members (from 256 to 449 partners and from 1,630 signatories till more than 2,600), a specialization in human rights and transparency as thematic lines and a big impulse to SMEs in the initative.

The Steering Commitee is composed by the following entities for the next four years: Accenture España, Agroamb Prodalt, Caixabank, Calidad Pascual, Coato,  Cuatrecasas,  Eada,  Ecodes, Endesa, Ferrovial S.A, Fundación Novia Salcedo, Grupo Antolín-Irausa, ICO, IESE-Universidad de Navarra, Mahou San Miguel, Mango Mng Holding, Nechi Group, Prisa, Prosegur, Repsol, Sigre.

The President has acknowledged in his speech to the Assembly that for the Local Network «challenges are not minor«. To this end, he has introduced a triple line of action for the coming years: scalability, spread the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) along all entities of our country and maintain leadership of the Spanish Network”.

Pes has clarified that «being the first network worldwide in number of signatories can not lead ourselves to complacency. Having nearly three thousand signatories in our country is a positive fact, but insufficient to reach the turning point that the initiative needs”.

Accounts and 2016-2017 budgets  have been approved,  as well as upcoming actions, fast all of them marked by the SDG´s and the Agenda that United Nations has planned for the private sector. A special recognition has been also given to the following entities as prescribers partners of the initiative in Spain:  Astic, Mahou San Miguel, Axaria, Creating, EAE Business School and K-Plan.