• Companies have a historic opportunity to be development agents and 33 Ibex35 companies work according to the United Nations Development Agenda.
  • 15 companies of the index claim to have a medium-long term strategy with actions and indicators based on SDGs.

According to a survey conducted by the Spanish Global Compact Network, 33 of the 35 companies in the Ibex 35* index take the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into consideration in planning their sustainable business strategy, representing 94% of the total.

When asked by the presence of the SDGs and its level of implementation in its sustainability strategy, 15 companies also claim to have a medium-long term strategy with specific actions and indicators. 16 enterprises acknowledge having outlined them in an incipient way. Only 3 of them say that, despite the SDGs are not yet present in its strategy, will follow shortly.

By sector, 5 of the 8 companies belonging to «financial services, banking and insurance» have implemented a medium-long term strategy that includes the SDGs. «Utilities (water, gas and electricity)» is next in the sectoral ranking with 3 companies that have these strategies, of the total of 6 belonging to the sector.

A historic opportunity for companies

This survey was conducted to mark the first anniversary of the presentation of the Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, held on September 25th, marking the global development agenda until 2030. For the first time in history, companies are called to be development agents, what has been recognized even by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Given this opportunity, Global Compact works to train and guide private sector in contributing to the objectives of United Nations.

«Spanish companies have a high level of awareness on sustainable development, some of which are leaders in redefining its strategy within the parameters of the Development Agenda,» said Isabel Garro, General Manager of the Spanish Global Compact Network. «Companies can find a business opportunity in sustainability» she believes.

  • Ibex35 is the main stock exchange in Spain.