Isabel Garro, General Director of Spanish Global Compact Network, has been re-elected as President of the Global Compact Local Network Advisory Group (LNAG), the body democratically elected by all networks whose main mission is to advise Global Compact on regional decision-making.

Garro has renewed its position for the second and last consecutive year (according to regulation), by voting of local networks around the world. It was during the XIV Annual Meeting of Local Networks of Global Compact that just finished in Dubai.

Her first year in charge of this body (LNAG) has been marked by the landing of the United Nations Agenda 2030 at a national level, as well as by the internal work in the definition of a new strategy of Global Compact.

Garro said that «the work of local networks is more exciting than ever, when the global challenges of sustainable development are articulated with local actions.» «Local networks are key pieces to implement the SDGs.» While SDGs are universal, it is an imperative to focus the action at the national level, since each country has its unique characteristics, culture and capabilities. Global Compact Local Networks are well positioned to deploy SDGs to companies in their countries and in all regions of the world.

As President of the Board, Garro continues to be part of the Global Compact Board. A body composed of only thirty members that is chaired by the Secretary General of the UN, a position that will be occupied from January by the new general secretary, Antonio Guterres.