On the same day that the Paris Climate Agreement comes into force, the Community #PorElClima (“for climate” in English) has been publicly presented, a pioneering initiative to contribute to its implementation in Spain.

Born of the hand of eight entities, the initiative, in whose driving group is the Spanish Network, wants to draw attention to two keys in the fight against climate change: everybody act, and  act now.

The 4th of November of 2016 will be remembered as the day in which the Agreement of Paris came into force, this will help to face one of the greatest challenges that has today the humanity: climate change. The agreement was reached at COP21 held in Paris a year ago, and having already reached the necessary number of states that have ratified it and the emissions they involve, comes into force sooner than anticipated.

Coinciding with this historic moment, and three days before the inauguration of the Marrakech COP22, the Community #PorElClima has been presented: It is an initiative to help the whole Spanish society to move from commitment to action in the fight against climate change.

This initiative comes from the «One Million Commitments» project that brought to Paris more than one million commitments for climate of Spanish entities and citizens.

With this new project, its promoters want to highlight two of the big keys in the fight against climate change:

  1. We must act ALL: the fight against climate change is not a responsibility of a single sector, but a collective challenge. This is borne out by the composition of the driving group, including entities of the public administration, entities of the business sector, and other environmental ones.
  2. We have to act NOW: every day we have new data that alert us to the point of no return to which we are coming in sustainability, insisting on the idea that we are the last generation that can stop the disaster. That is why we must move from commitment to action with a sense of urgency. #PorElClima Community intends to publicize what many entities, both public and private, are already doing, as well as helping all citizens to do everything in their power to fight against climate change.

The driving group thanked the first Global Partners of the initiative (REE and Ecoembes), the first Strategic Partners (AEAS, AEF, AEOPAS, APIA, Asociación Fundación por la Conservación, BCORP España, Climate Reality, Coca Cola, Consejo Abogacía Española, DKV, DO2, Ferrovial, Forética, Conama, Fundación Conama, Fundación Oxígeno, Fundación Renovables, Iberdrola) and the collaborators (Ambilamp, Ecoalf, Espigoladors, Pastores, Respiro and Zoilo Ríos).

Many of the entities have intervened in the act telling what they are doing to combat climate change and the driving group has encouraged everyone to start acting, among them Víctor Viñuales, Director of Ecodes and vice-president of the Spanish Global Compact Network, who has said that «all major changes were initiated by a minority. That is why it is time to unite minorities for the climate». Isabel Garro, director general of the Spanish Network, added that «work in alliances is fundamental to get our challenges”.

The act has been closed by Valvanera Ulargui, director of the Spanish Office of Climate Change, who has remarked «that belonging to the #PorElClima Community is to move from commitment to action to move forward together».

From now on the Community will grow and promote new actions of entities that will gradually be incorporated. All the news can be followed through the web www.porelclima.es