• Spanish entities pay more and more attention to the supply chain. It is the first time that suppliers are the third most important stakeholder for large companies.
  • 12% of all the advanced COPs are Spanish
  • 74% of organizations using the Spanish online application identify sustainability challenges as opportunities

The Spanish big companies are paying more and more attention to their suppliers. On the other hand, they must improve the participation of the different stakeholders in their activities. These are two of the conclusions that stand out from the review that the panish Local Network has made public for the eleventh consecutive year after analyzing the Communication on Progress of their signatories.

The document contains four subjects:

  1. aggregated conclusions from the 824 Communications on Progress
  2. a specific analysis on transparency and work on the Ten Principles by the Ibex35 companies
  3. a section about SDGs
  4. detailed analysis of the most worked sustainability topics by the entities that have used the online reporting tool of the Spanish Network

4% more COPS than last year

In 2016 Global Compac has published 824 Spanish COPs. Specifically, 449 belong to SMEs and micropymes, 280 to large companies and 95 to other entities. This figure represents 9.5% of the reports published worldwide and an increase of 4% over the reports published the previous year.

Spain maintains the same number of reports that have received from Global Compact the category of advanced, with 63 reports qualified in this way. This data implies that the 12% of all the advanced reports are Spanish.

Analysis of Ibex35 companies

For the first year, this annual analysis includes a specific section about the Spanish Network companies that take part of the Ibex35. The analysis has two aspects: on the one hand, the level of transparency of their memories is valued in function of the G4 principles, from 0 to 4.  On the other hand, the level of implementation of each of the four blocks of the Global Compact is assessed, taking into account the G4 indicators.

To sum up, 26 companies belonging to this Spanish Index have been analyzed. The reports indicate that they have a good level of transparency, with an average score of 3.45 over 4. Within this general consideration, these companies stand out in the principles of punctuality, reliability and precision; but are weaker in the principle of stakeholder´s participation.

As regards the performance of the reports in relation to the Ten Principles, the environment presents the most positive result, and human rights is the area with the lowest score. About this point, Isabel Garro, general manager of the Spanish Network, claimed that «the material, technical and human efforts of the Spanish Network are focused on facilitating organizations their improvement in this area with the model of the Guiding Principles, for which they already have online management tools and online or off line trainings «.

Large companies intensify their attention on suppliers

In this last exercise, 151 organizations have used the Spanish Global Compact’s specific tool for the elaboration of Communication on Progress. This identifies the key stakeholders and helps the entities in identifying their sustainability challenges.

Communication on Progress published in 2016 show how suppliers (as stakeholders) have improved their relevance for the large company, becoming the third most important, after customers and employees. «A responsible management of the supply chain is an increasingly important aspect for large companies«, says Garro. » We are expanding the resources for large companies to make like tractors of their providers, with very precise contents of training and awareness «.

The online reporting tool allows to distinguish the user between opportunities and risks of each aspect worked. The last year trend shows that more and more organizations identify their sustainability challenges as opportunities, in 74% of cases, compared to a presence of risk in 26% of the time.

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