On Sunday, 26th February, the Spanish Global Compact Network, with the collaboration of six participants (Novia Salcedo Fundation, Antolín Group, Endesa, Iberdrola, Repsol and Sigre) has published in the newspaper “El País” an insert about SDGs. It contains suggestions of how the private sector can contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and with best practices also. El País is the daily newspaper with the most spreading in Spain.

This action belongs to strategy that the Global Compact Network Spain developes since the SDGs was approved in September of 2015.

This supplement in the Sunday edition of the newspaper “El País” included the management model sustainable according to the Global Compact, some of the SDGs and goals to which the private sector can contribute. These are the best practices:

  • Novia Salcedo Foundation. Contribution to SDGs 8 of Decent Work through the employability of youth.
  • Antolín Group. Contribution to SDGs 9 of Innovation, with the use of innovative materials.
  • Endesa. Contribution to SDGs 13 of the Climate Action, with the reduction of emissions, efficiency and electric mobility.
  • Iberdrola. Contribution to SDGs 13; they explain their commitment to climate change and the carbon neutral milestone of 2050.
  • Repsol. Contribution to SDGs 13, and his reduction of CO2 or investment in technological solutions against climate change.
  • Sigre. Contribution to SDGs 17, partnership to achieve the objectives: they explain their collaborative project for the recycling of medicines.

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