The Spanish Local Network has just renewed its best practices platform, in order to spread good performances of its partners related to sustainable development. As ever, we are working on social responsibility from the point of view of specialized knowledge and shared value. This new publication of good practices supposes a new the orientation of the practices to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benchmarking is a method of learning, raising awareness of the values of sustainable development and a starting point for networking, which has been used since ever by the local network. This is one of the best valued services for the Spanish entities.

From now on, best practices are organized in the same way as the reporting tool: with the starting point of the stakeholders. In this way, organizations that want to include this practices in their CSR management can do so through the online tool.

Almost all best practices are oriented to one of the 17 SDGs, which are understood to be the main sustainability challenges for entities. In addition, they are related to the Ten Principles, for those entities that are working on linking SDGs with Ten Principles.

Best practices platform