Global Compact Network Spain and Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde (the Spanish Green Growth Group) organized a debate on the main challenges of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) in Spain. Thus, with the title «The Agenda for Sustainable Development in Spain«, experts from the public administrations, business and other entities have examined how to tackle climate change, to promote innovation and the commitment of companies, in an event that has been held in CaixaForum Madrid.

The event was inaugurated by the Secretary of State for International Cooperation in Ibero-America, Fernando García Casas, who called for the collaboration of all partners.

Then, three round tables have deepened the steps that Spain must take to achieve a more inclusive, environmentally friendly and economically prosperous world. The first of them, was focused on climate change. Then it was highlighted the opportunity that the Agenda 2030 can involve for business and institutional sphere if it is promoted transversally. The second round table was orientated on innovation and the main conclusion was that resources should be used to do more with less. In the last round table we discussed about linkages between companies and SDGs. There the commitment of the Spanish private sector in this matter was highlighted: «97% of companies in the Ibex 35 index have SDGs in their core business».

Sue Allchurch, Chief of Partnerships at United Nations Global Compact, also participated in the event. In her opinion, in addition to acting responsibly and looking for business opportunities in sustainable development, the private sector has the ability to inspire, «because it has international resources and contacts that transcend those of governments.» It also emphasized the need to create innovative business systems with an integrated and circular model, while encouraging consumers to choose with responsibility.

The day was closed by Jaime Hadad, subsecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Food and Environment, who appointed the importance of public policies for Agenda 2030.