If 2016 was the year dedicated to awareness and training in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among Spanish business and entities, in 2017 we are eventually guidint our work to action.

With this premise, the Spanish Local Network has published a new document in April with the title «Spanish business and SDGs, opportunities and challenges«. We have collected to make it the first conclusions and data after a year of work of the Spanish Global Compact members in SDGs.

To this end, the Spanish Network has used its own empirical information, such as surveys and analysis of the sustainability reports of the last year, as well as reports from Global Compact or data from other organizations such as the Center for Sociological Research (CIS).

The publication analyzes which have been the SDGs most applied, both by big companies and SME and how our members see the SDGs from the point of view of business opportunity. This last point, in comparison also with the international scope. The main conclusion is that our companies follow the international trends, with a strong interest in SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) from different points of view.

This publication compiles the work of the last year and encourages companies to become involved with the universal framework of sustainable development.

Download it here