Spanish Network has just launched a new online platform to its members to integrate the SDGs into their corporate strategy.

  1. What is it?

The SDG Interactive Guide, based on the SDG Compass methodology, fosters companies to integrate the SDG into their business strategies in the short and long term through 5 steps:

  • Knowledge
  • Defining priorities
  • Setting objectives
  • Integration
  • Reporting

The tool offers resources (templates and tools) and best practices from other companies to help all kind of entities to meet SDGs. At the end of the guide, organizations will be able to download a report in SDGs which includes:

  • The matching of the organization core business with SDGs
  • Best practices and public commitment with SDGs

This report will make easier the task of reporting in SDGs, allowing them to attach it to their sustainability reports or Communications on Progress.

  1. How is it?
  • Practice: Integrate ODS into the organization’s business strategy in a practical way.
  • Exclusive: First Interactive Guide for Global Compact members.
  • Inspirational: Let the company communicate its advances about SDGs or inspiring other companies.
  • Innovative: helps create innovative business strategies in SDGs
  1. Who is it for?
  • To all types of entities; companies, SMEs, public companies and organizations from all sectors that wish to draw up a strategy in SDGs (third sector, universities, etc.)
  • In relation to professionals:
  1. a) responsible for CSR / Sustainability
  2. b) other areas of the companies with an impact on SDGs (purchasing / human resources / environment, etc.)

Link to the interactive Guide on SDGs. (in Spanish)