Of the 4 areas of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact, anti-corruption is the one most worked by the companies of Ibex 35 Index. This is the main conclusion after the analysis of their sustainability reports made by the Global Compact Local Network Spain, included in the annual «Reporting 2017 guide, communicating progress» and with which it is intended both to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Among the issues related to anti-corruption, it should be noted that all the companies of this stock index have an ethical code in which they commit themselves to fight against this practice, which many also transfer to their supply chain. Likewise, the Ibex 35 companies has a whistleblowing channel, although the reporting level differs depending on the company: while some only report the number, others go further and communicate typology, region or evolution. As points to keep insisting on, one of the most cryptic aspects is that referring to confirmed cases of corruption and the measures adopted: although 24 of the 35 corporations offer some information on this matter, only 15 report it optimally.

The environment area is the second most mentioned in the sustainability reports, and the report on the internal consumption of natural resources -such as fossil fuels and electricity- or the emission of greenhouse gases is a practice shared by all the companies in the Ibex 35 index. In addition, in relation to the supply chain, 28 of the 35 organizations evaluate their suppliers in environmental matters, and 18 of them report on the identified impacts.

For its part, the thematic section related to labour is ranked third in the classification. Although practically all of the sustainability reports include information about employees, several areas for improvement are identified, especially with regard to the eradication of child labour or forced labour. In fact, 15 of the 35 organizations do not make explicit any commitment in this matter. It also remarkable the lack of salary information. In fact, only 34% of the Ibex quantitatively explains the relationship between the base salary of men and women.

Finally, the area least worked by the Ibex 35 index is of human rights. Although companies include in their reports a clear commitment to respect for these, the truth is that they report few quantifiable information. Some examples: although 29 companies have activity in countries with an indigenous people, only 34% of them explain their impact there. The management of the supply chain in this area also presents deficiencies, because although 23 entities have reported on the evaluation to their suppliers, only 13  companies detail if they have identified impacts.

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