After months of work and collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Ecodes (ONG) and the Spanish Group for  the Green Growth, on February 27th, the Spanish Platform for Climate Action has been presented, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAMA), which seeks to join public-private efforts to accelerate actions to combat change climate.

The Spanish Platform for Climate Action connects with #PorElClima Community, an initiative that seeks to gather and articulate all the social actors who mobilize against climate change, adding the actions of all to boost climate change and to give value tothe actions of companies, public administrations, NGOs, citizens, etc.

Isabel Garro, general director of Global Compact Spanish Network, has declared at this presentation that: «this Platform is born at a very relevant moment, it is time to take action for the climate, it is not just a governmental problem. Tackling climate change is everyone’s business«.

«There are many companies in our country that want to do things right, and positive action can be encouraged with tools like this. The SDG17 of the partnerships is possible and this Platform proves it”, Garro has added.

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, has been declared proudly that: «Spain, together with our European partners, is leading the fight against climate change worldwide».

According to Garcia Tejerina, the Platform is an initiative «of a pioneering spirit» and «a qualitative step in the necessary coherence of the strategies of governments, companies and civil society» in the fight against climate change. The contribution of Spain to the Alliance of Marrakech makes us an «international reference of the new models of public-private collaboration» and will help to close the gap that separates us from achieving the objective of 2ºC.

this Platform for Climate Action is born from the conviction that the objectives of the Paris Agreement can only be achieved through a collaborative and stable framework that accelerates climate action and promotes the alignment of government strategies, companies and civil society.

The initiative is especially aimed to the promotion of the climate strategies of companies, as well as the actions of the different administrations, through a cooperation framework that pursues three objectives:

  • Measure and integrate all the emission reduction objectives to contribute to close down the gap that separates us from achieving the goal of 2ºC.
  • Share and incorporate good innovative practices to reduce emissions, adapt to climate change and preserve our natural environment, including social and economic benefits.
  • Communicate the results of the work of the Platform, to transmit the action for the climate.

In addition, it is expected that a “contagious” pulling effect will be generated, which increase the awareness of society as a whole, and must be a participant and mobilizing agent in the necessary transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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