The Spanish Global Compact Network and the Rafael del Pino Foundation have just launched Go-ODS, an initiative with a vocation for continuity and growth until 2030, which aims to recognize and support innovative projects that contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The deadline for receipt of applications, which will be assessed by an independent and expert jury, is 30 June.

GoODS has three objectives: on the one hand, to recognize and promote innovation aimed at achieving SDGs; on the other, to encourage and inspire the Spanish private sector in achieving SDGs, encouraging collaboration and, finally, to disseminate the importance of the 2030 Agenda.

This aim is embodied in the name of the project: GoODS, acting as a play on words between «Go – ODS» (Go – SDG) and «good». For Network Spain and the Rafael del Pino Foundation, the SDGs need independent platforms that push to actors of private sector to continue advancing in projects that are “good” and sustainable for society, providing them with tangible and intangible goods.

The project will recognize initiatives in our country that, through their innovative character -understanding innovation from a multi-faceted perspective- are contributing to any or all of the SDGs. The awards will be presented at a major public ceremony on 25 September, coinciding with the anniversary of the approval of the SDGs by the United Nations Assembly.

A total of 18 awards will be presented annually: one for each SDGs and a special award for best innovation, «The Good among the GoODS”.

The candidatures necessarily come from the previous nomination by a series of promoting entities, leaders in innovation in our country, which already have recognitions, programs or incubations focused on innovation and are experts in this field.

The driving forces behind GoODS 2018 are: Accenture, Acción contra el hambre (Action against Hungry), Ashoka, Asociación Española de Fundaciones (Spanish Association of Foundation), Atresmedia, European Commission, Cotec, Deloitte, El hueco, Endesa, Esade, Ferrovial, Repsol Foundation, Iberdrola, IE Business School, Impact Hub, Indra, Ineco, IS Global, itdUPM, Obra Social «la Caixa», Prisa, SC4Change, Ship2B and Telefónica.

Candidates may be a corporation, company, entrepreneurial initiative (start-up, spinoff, etc.) or civil society organization that has been a winner / finalist / incubated / invested in the last year and that is positively impacting one or more of the 17 SDG.

These global goals, adopted on 25 September 2015 by the UN General Assembly, set out the specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years to ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

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