Businesses have a key role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Agenda 2030, the backbone of which are the SDGs, involves all actors, including the private sector, and it proposes a way forward to address the social, economic and environmental problems that the world faces.

In this regard, the Global Compact is mandated by the United Nations to involve the private sector in the achievement of the SDGs. So, among its strategic lines, its priority is to raise awareness and to train companies in Agenda 2030.  The free MOOC «Business Sustainability», jointly developed with Rafael del Pino Foundation, whit the aim to train executives and business leaders to promote the sustainable development in this area.

This course, whose academic direction is given by the director of the Spanish Global Compact Network, Isabel Garro, is aimed at people with executive roles and business leaders with strategic functions at their organization, who wish to delve deeper into all concepts related to sustainable development and innovation.

The course is scheduled to start on 4 June of this year with a duration of seven weeks. It is structured in seven modules: starting with aspects of globalization, the challenges of the planet and a first approach to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); continuing with notions of business in the era of sustainable development, dealing more specifically with SDGs and its linkage with environment, society, economy and partnerships; and ending with the management of non-financial risks and the opportunities that SDGs can generate in companies.