The Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact has published «SDGs, year 3. A global partnership for 2030 Agenda» on the occasion of the third anniversary of the SDG.

In the words of Ángel Pes, president of the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact: ‘This publication is one of these actions, which aims to be an annual photo of how we advance in the great challenges posed by the SGDs in Spain, in the 15 years that the United Nations has given us to make the world a better and fairer place for everyone.’

The report provides an assessment of how companies are implementing the SDGs in their strategies and operations, as well as examples of concrete actions to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

Specially, this edition is dedicated to partnerships and analyses in detail the role the private sector plays in them and how  Global Compact Spanish Local Network is working in partnerships with different agencies to fulfil the mandate that the United Nations has given us to land the 2030 Agenda in the private sector.

Likewise, It describes the seven key characteristics that any sustainable partnership must take into consideration in order to strengthen it and position it as a model to be replicated by other organizations. Specifically, they must be: transformative, adapted to the context, innovative, scalable, inclusive, transparent and quantifiable.

On the other hand, the report develops the local-level landing process of the 2030 Agenda, which is implemented by the local Global Compact networks. In this sense, the local networks work as a platform for the development of effective alliances in these contexts, facilitating dialogue and collaboration between companies and the rest of the national agents that the 2030 Agenda  calls to action. Particularly, in this report can be found 3 editorials of the Government of Aragon, Cepes and Futuro en Común («Future in common»), which give their vision as agents involved in local alliances for the 2030 Agenda. There is also a personal interview with Cristina Gallach, High Commissioner for Agenda 2030 (Spanish Government Presidency).

Finally, this edition also expose a series of challenges associated with Agenda 2030 that have a global dimension, including issues such as the financing of the Agenda, its dissemination among the population to raise awareness and the fight against climate change, which affects all countries in the world equally.

Download the report  “ODS, año 3. Una alianza global Para la agenda 2030”