• The aim of these awards, organised jointly by the Spanish Global Compact Network and the Rafael del Pino Foundation, is to recognise Spanish innovation projects that contribute to the achievement of one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

The period for submitting candidatures for the second edition of the go!ODS Awards, organised by the Global Compact Spanish Network in collaboration with the Rafael del Pino Foundation, has been opened. The aim of these awards is to distinguish those innovations that contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, the global roadmap that specifies the goals of the international community in the period 2016-2030 to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development.

The call is open until 1 October for projects that have an innovative character, belong to or are carried out from a corporation, company, entrepreneurial initiative or civil society organization, and have a positive impact on at least one SDG. In its first edition projects with high impact related to entrepreneurship, water, vaccination, depopulation or the circular economy were recognized.

The registration form is now available on the website www.reconocimientosgoods.es. The new go!ODS Awards’ site provides detailed information about the awards: objectives of the project, method of participation, promoting entities and composition of the jury. Likewise, it also contains a section on «SDG experiences», a compilation of best practices in the 2030 Agenda of Spanish entities that compete for the awards in each edition.

Candidates can apply in two ways: on the one hand, through the proposal of projects by some of the promoting entities, reference organizations in our country that have awards, programs or incubations focused on innovation and are experts in the field. On the other hand, as a novelty, this year self-candidatures projects that have successfully passed some previous innovation process are also admitted. The criteria for designating the winners are their impact capacity, scalability, the dissemination of Agenda 2030 and the work in alliances, among others.

The organization gives each of the 17 awarded initiatives, one for each SDG, a physical recognition in the form of an honorary title and a value seal that certifies their innovative contribution to the 2030 Agenda. Apart from these 17, there is a special jury award for the best innovation, which will be named «The Good among the go!ODS».

The go!ODS Awards are also intended to encourage and inspire the Spanish private sector to work in the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting intersectoral collaboration and dialogue between the organizations that lead the contribution to Agenda 2030 in Spain.

The jury’s decision will be announced during an event to be held in February 2020.