The Global Compact Network Spain, the international initiative that promotes corporate sustainability in Spain within the framework of the United Nations, launches COMparte, a new online platform for publishing best practices in the field of CSR and sustainable development.

The platform has a double objective: on the one hand, to improve the dissemination of the SDGs and compliance with the Ten Principles between the Spanish business and non-business sectors, providing new data, best practices, resources and sustainable solutions. And, on the other hand, to value those actions, projects, policies, commitments and strategic alliances, publishing success stories to offer creative solutions to other entities that work for sustainable development or want to find business opportunities in it.

According to Cristina Sánchez, acting director of the Global Compact Network Spain, «The dissemination of success stories helps to focus on practical solutions resulting from the experience of other organizations, to contribute to the 2030 Agenda in a more concrete way. She also highlights «the need for these supports to contribute to the dissemination of the SDGs, an objective that we maintain as local network of the Global Compact, highlighting cases that are already working and creative solutions».

COMparte is an open platform that collects information from the members of the Global Compact Network Spain, especially its participats members, who will be responsible for publishing their most outstanding actions in the area of sustainability. It allows community participation since the signatories can also vote on the practices they consider most relevant and which will appear in a ranking of the most popular. The solutions can be consulted by all audiences.

As a novelty, the Spanish Network has approved a protocol for the selection of best practices, which participant members must take into account when publishing their case. It sets out the basic requirements for validation, including the obligation to add results of the practice or information on its impact. Others are the link with the Principles of the Global Compact or the SDGs, compliance with the criteria of replicability, innovation and originality and the inclusion of the benefits of the practice.