On 18 June, we celebrated our 15th anniversary as Global Compact Network Spain. In the event it was highlighted the work of our prescribing partners through an awards presentation. Thus, fifteen new distinctions, 14 bronze and one silver, were granted to the entities that managed to attract new members to the Spanish Network during the last twelve months through a dissemination campaign among their interest groups.

This program is the result of the will of the organization to recognize actions that contribute to strengthen the network and to achieve positive figures in membership growth, as the ones in recent years, which are around 30% annually.

The awards, presented by Ángel Pes, president of the Spanish Network, and Elisabeth de Nadal, secretary of the organisation, were given to the following entities: Abora Energy, Acciona, Agroamb Prodalt, Calidad Pascual, COATO, Deva Comunicación Financiera, Equipos Móviles de Campaña ARPA, Fundación Bequal, GRI Renewable Industries, Grupo Conservas Garavilla, Marcas de Restauración, MediaResponsable, Recilec, Red Eléctrica de España and Suez Spain. This last one was awarded the silver prize, which was collected by Dulcinea Mejide, its Director of Sustainable Development and Equity.

During the presentation, Cristina Sánchez, acting director of the Global Compact Network Spain, highlighted the important role that prescriptive partners play in the growth of the organization. In her words, «it is a source of pride for us to see how our own members are so satisfied with the initiative that they come to recommend it. Without a doubt, your support for the growth of the Spanish Network reaffirms that we must continue to work intensely, even more so if possible, in order to continue to count on your trust. He also wanted to extend his gratitude to all the members of the Global Compact for their commitment and proactivity during the 15 years of existence of the organization.

Thanks to the new prescribing partners, Contigo somos +, the program aimed at recognizing the proactivity of prescribing partners who spread the initiative among their interest groups by attracting new members to the Global Compact Spanish Network, now has 37 members. Of these, 33 are considered bronze prescribers, for which it is necessary to attract between one and four members, and 4 the silver badge, which means attracting between five and ten members. Members who want to become gold prescribers will have to attract more than ten, a milestone that, for the time being, has not achieved any entity.