The Global Compact Network Spain organised a meeting in October between member organisations with a high level of commitment, their executive committee and Ole Lund Hansen, chief of global operations of UN Global Compact, to present in Spain opportunities for leadership and active participation in the initiative.

The event was inaugurated by Ángel Pes, president of the Spanish Network, who thanked the attendees for their commitment to the initiative and encouraged them to take a further step by joining the multiple platforms and actions led by UN Global Compact, which were raised as an opportunity to move to action towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

During his speech, Hund presented the different global initiatives of UN Global Compact and the platforms in which Spanish companies can find more opportunities for leadership. Among these actions was the ‘Business Ambition for 1.5ºC’ campaign in which companies commit to setting climate objectives of 1.5°C aligned with a neutral future in CO2 emissions. About platforms, emphasis was on the ‘UN Global Compact Academy’, a training service for member entities with a participant level that offers unlimited access to learning resources for companies and their employees, one of the benefits most in demand by Spanish organizations.

Cristina Sanchez, executive director of the Spanish Network, highlighted the leadership opportunities posed by these actions, which already involve leading Spanish companies, such as Iberdrola, Acciona or Vodafone. In this way she wanted to position leadership, which has also been the focus of the publication of Year 4, as one of the final levers to promote the changes needed to make 2030 Agenda a reality. Sánchez invited the companies present to play a leading role in this change through a transformation from the business as usual model to one based on ‘the companies of the future’. Companies that, according to her words ‘are committed to sustainability, show collective leadership and are inclusive’.

During the day the attendees also had the opportunity to raise their doubts and suggestions both locally, as regards the Spanish Network, and globally, transferring their demands to the chief of operations, at a time when the initiative faces the last stretch of the implementation of its international strategy 2020.

Hund wanted to end the event by recognising the role of Spanish companies in the achieving of the SDGs:

‘There has never been a United Nations framework related to sustainability and the private sector that has been as well received as Agenda 2030. Spanish companies are a sample of this, your work is a great example of commitment to sustainability for companies around the world. And not only that, thanks to your effort and dedication you are able to ensure that initiatives such as Global Compact can continue to advance in favour of a better and more sustainable world’.