Global Compact Network Spain together with the Rafael del Pino Foundation, highlighted the Spanish private sector’s commitment to sustainable development in the go!ODS Awards ceremony. These awards stand out Spanish initiatives that are already underway and have proven results, with the aim of being an inspiration for the entire Spanish private sector.

In this second edition, the jury has selected 18 projects, one for each SDG including a tie at SDG 12, among the more than 200 applications registered. Among the winners stand out initiatives that promote ocean management, climate change awareness, the fight against food waste and emissions reduction. Other initiatives related to female entrepreneurship, the fight against inequalities or the circular economy have also been distinguished. In addition, the jury gave a special award to the most voted initiative among those presented, which was the ProFuturo program. This project, developed by the Telefónica Foundation and «La Caixa», is a digital education program that, in line with the SDG 4, seeks to reduce the educational gap in the world by improving the quality of the education in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. To do this, it relies on technology and innovative digital experiences. This initiative has also been highlighted as the best project to promote SDG 4: Quality Education.

During the ceremony, Ángel Pes, President of the Spanish Network, acknowledged the involvement of the Spanish business community in sustainability issues. In his own words, ‘We are pleased with the good reception that this second edition of the go!ODS Awards has had. The increase of the applications from all types of entities is an example of how the 2030 Agenda  has achieved to mobilise all Spanish actors towards the construction of a more sustainable world. These recognitions are our way of supporting and spreading these projects that we hope will serve as an example for other entities that want to bet on the SDGs.’

Furthermore, as a novelty of this edition, in addition to the traditional proposal of projects by the promoting entities, characterized by driving innovation in our country, the process has been opened to self-candidatures projects that have successfully passed some previous innovation process. With the integration of this modality, the number of initiatives registered has increased by more than 100% in contrast with the previous edition. This growth is also viewed by the organizers as a reflection of the weight that the 2030 Agenda is taking in our country through projects aimed at fulfilling the 17 SDGs.

On the other hand, the criteria for designating the winners is related to their impact capacity, scalability, dissemination of the 2030 Agenda and alliance work. A jury made up of experts in sustainability and innovation was responsible for choosing the winners. The jury of the second edition of the go!ODS was formed by Judit Anido, Vice President of Operations and Corporate Affairs at Northern Biologics; Antonio Garrigues, Honorary President of the Garrigues firm and President of the Garrigues Foundation; Carmen Vela, former Secretary of State for Innovation; Belén Romana, Economist, Digital Business Director and independent advisor; Javier García, Founder of Rive Technology and Celera and Professor at the University of Alicante; Joaquín Nieto, Director of the ILO Office for Spain; Mercedes Delgado, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Director of Research at the MIT Innovation Initiative Lab for Innovation Science and Policy; José María Fernández, Managing Partner of the Credit team at Altamar Capital Partners, and Manuel Muñiz, Dean of the IE School of Public Affairs and current Secretary of State of España Global.