SDGs, Year 2. Analysis, trends and business leadership in Spain. Executive Summary.
2084 Descargas

This document is the executive summary of the report (SDGs year 2. Analysis, trends and business leadership in Spain), which is the third consecutive project focused on SDGs in Spain carried out by the Spanish Local Network.

The first one, published in 2015 under  “España como agente motor de la agenda de desarrollo 2030” (Spain as the Driving Agent for the 2030 Development Agenda), mapped SDGs with our country’s needs and strengths. The second was “El sector privado ante los ODS. Guía Práctica para la acción” (The Private Sector and SDGs. Practical Guide for Action), which adapted each of the 17 SDGs to the reality of private sector companies and organisations and proposed over 200 actions, measurement indicators, and existing best practices.

These pages summarize our country’s situation in terms of SDGs: what has been done and what factors come into play, from a very broad perspective: either social and legal, political or economic. Our aim in doing so is to identify what we need to work on nationally. A SWOT analysis of the current situation is also included, from a general point of view, and also from the private sector point of view.